Don't forget, AIDS exists

Don't forget, AIDS exists
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Humanity is living in the time of covid-19 and almost nothing else seems more urgent at the moment. This way of thinking will lead to the resurgence of many ills that are ignored in these times. Notably HIV AIDS. This virus still exists and still infects more than 20,000 people a year in Africa. Our project aims to revive interest in HIV and especially in HIV testing. To do this, we are planning a campaign in 3 cities in Togo (Lomé, Aného and Kpalimé) to remind the population of the measures to fight AIDS and the importance of testing. For this campaign, we will use sound means to circulate in the arteries of the different cities. 
- A truck
- Sound equipment
- Condom sharing
- Sharing of HIV self-tests
- Advice to young people

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