Avoid home births

Avoid home births
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In order to achieve our goals of reducing home births, we have chosen to address one of the causes of this scourge (especially in rural areas).

The said cause is: Superstitions

We started from an observation. In African countries and especially in rural areas, several superstitions exist around pregnancy and also around childbirth in health centers. Thus, in some regions, it is said that on a day of the first rain of the season, one should not give birth to a child. This will push the mother, despite the beginning of labor, to stop herself from pushing, which results in the death of the baby and sometimes of the mother as well.

To carry out our project, we have chosen to build a team of sociologists, anthropologists, ethnologists and translators.

Their tasks will consist of collecting information on superstitions in different parts of the country. The aim of this mission will be to learn about superstitions and to determine their degree of influence on the local population as well as their dangerousness.

Following this mission of data collection, we will establish categorization and with the experts, will decide on the means to be employed to eradicate these beliefs.

After this step, we will begin the sensitization by using the different means of communication (radio, announcement of the village chief, edification of the students...).

At the end of our sensitization mission in a region, we will transmit our activity report as well as the conclusions of our studies to the government and international institutions that deal with mothers and newborns (UNFPA, UNICEF, WHO, GIZ...).

We are seeking to raise funds to support the costs of this mission. This endowment includes the fees of experts (sociologists, anthropologists...), travel of the teams, communication, etc...

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