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Provide oxygen to help India breathe again

At the onset of the pandemic last year, when hospitals were facing a dire need for protective gear and equipment, we at GiveIndia had responded in record time to stand strong beside our saviours, our healthcare heroes. And we were able to fill the gap by raising ₹28+ lakhs through this mission and helped those who were risking their lives to save ours.

The record increase of COVID positive patients and fatalities per day, lack of life-saving equipment like oxygen cylinders and concentrators, ventilators and Bipaps is crippling our healthcare infrastructure.

Oxygen supply - the need of the hour

The image of many patient families crying and crowding outside hospitals desperate to get urgent medical help for their kith and kin is etched in our memories. Thousands have lost their loved ones to this growing crisis. There is a critical and immediate need for oxygen in hospitals and COVID Care Centres that our NGOs across the country have been registering with us. In response to this, we are relaunching our health mission to support critical patients by:

Providing oxygen:

  • By setting up oxygen generation plants in hospitals/COVID facility compounds in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai and Patna. A 5,000-litre capacity plant costs ₹6cr and can support 650 people per day.
  • By providing oxygen concentrators which use oxygen from the air and convert it to medical grade oxygen. A patient in need of a concentrator needs to be on it for 5-7 days. One oxygen concentrator costs in the range of ₹55,000 - ₹60,000.
  • By providing oxygen cylinders that help a person in need of oxygen support for 5-7 days. The B-type (1,500L) oxygen cylinder costs ₹15,000 while the D-type (6,000L) costs ₹25,000.
  • By refilling oxygen cylinders, as manufacture is restricted to certain states and transporting oxygen cylinders from one state to another requires specific vehicles which are not very widely available in the given situation. Refilling A B-type cylinder costs ₹800/refill and D-type costs ₹2,500/refill.


Providing life-saving equipment:

  • By providing Bipaps which are also known as non-invasive ventilation. One Bipap costs approximately ₹60,000.
  • By providing ventilators which are priced at ₹5 lakh per item.


Join the mission to support critical COVID patients, charitable hospitals and COVID Care Centres. Your contribution will help them fight COVID safely and more effectively.

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