Awareness of Covid-19 vaccination

Awareness of Covid-19 vaccination
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In order to completely contain Covid-19, it is necessary to achieve herd immunity in our country. To achieve this collective immunity, it is also essential that the majority of the population is vaccinated. Problem, the social networks relate pseudo-truths about the vaccine, giving it the role of poison. Also, with the deaths that occurred after the vaccination of some people (due to deep vein thrombosis), the populations are more and more reluctant to be vaccinated. Our project aims at raising awareness in a different way. Instead of going on the media or social networks, we want to privilege door to door. We want to talk to people face to face and explain to them the need to be vaccinated and also to break the pseudo-truths that circulate about the vaccine. To implement this project, we will need funds for:
- Pay for the travel and meals of the outreach volunteers
- Create awareness materials (brochure, video, T-shirt...)

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