Mathematics for all

Mathematics for all
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The implementation of our mathematic project for all will follow 3 axes:


    To identify mathematics teachers with good pedagogy and patience;

    Make several video montages to easily explain the fundamental points of math;

    Create a mobile application and a website to publish the videos.


    Identify mathematics teachers


This axis will consist of the publication of ads on social networks as well as in traditional media to recruit teachers. Emphasis will be placed on teachers of good character, patience and good pedagogy. They will then be trained in order to refine their methodologies and enable them to make a good presentation.


        2. Video editing


This axis will consist of the realization and editing of several didactic videos. The fundamental points of mathematics and will be taught by teachers who will be filmed from different angles. These fundamentals will be exhaustive, algebraic sets, the study of mathematical functions, geometry, probability and statistics.


         3. Create a mobile application and an exhibition website.


At this stage, programming consultants will be called upon to set up this mobile application and the website. These platforms will allow all girls participating in the program to access the content in order to build their capacity.



In order to achieve these three axes, we will have to pay the consultancy fees of the different providers (programmers, video makers, directors, teachers...). We then need help to raise this amount in order to help the girls raise their level in science

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